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A New Year

This Thursday January 4th we start a new year of music. You have to come listen to our new music. Of course we're still going to do all your old favorites. I have posted our playlist for this Thursday in the playlist section. Check it out! And of course don't forget to dig out your favorite 50s 60s attire for our annual Sock Hop, March 2nd. It's always a big hit. Come listen to your favorite blasts from the past!

We rocked the night

Last night was an epic night for RZRS EDGE. Our song lineup was geared more toward oldies and classic rock. This was a high energy night and went over well. This is a deviation from the normal diverse lineup we usually offer. Now keep in mind, this was somewhat of a special event. We will continue with our normal diverse lineup of songs in the future.  Last night was our last performance for 2023. We will be resuming our normal Thursday night dances soon after the first of the year. In the meantime we will be fine tuning  some  songs and working on new ones. That being said, keep in mind Saturday March 2nd. This is the date of our 50s-60s Sock Hop. We will be playing classics from the 50s and 60s. So get ready with your favorite 50s 60s attire.

Another slow night

Last nights dance was another small crowed. As mentioned before, this is to be expected this time of year.  There was however a few new people that showed up. They looked like they were having a good time so I am sure they will be back.  After the first of the year things will be picking up a bit.   Next Thursday December 14 th will be the CHRISTMAS PARADE & POKER RUN. Golf Carts, Side by Sides, or anything Motorized can enter.  Poker run entry is not required to enter the parade.  We will be performing after the parade so don’t forget to stick around for more fun and dance.  Check the Havasu RV Resort 2023-2024 Event Schedule for more details.   Be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday March 2 nd .   This is the date of our 50s-60s SOCK HOP.   This was such a hit last season that we had to bring it back this season.   So come join the fun and get decked out in your favorite 50s-60s attire and dance to your favorite tunes from the past.

Another successful show

We had another great night last night. The crowd was about half of what we usually play to but hey, everybody's home for the holidays. We introduced a few new songs into our lineup and it seemed they went over well. We received some good comments. We will continue to introduce a few new songs every week.  So hope you enjoy.  See you next week. Merchandise orders are picking up so if you would like to order a shirt, sweatshirt, or hat come to the dance and place your order.